While each Eagle Series Dry Steam Cleaner is supplied with a generous accessories package; we have developed many proprietary tools for specific industrial sanitation needs and applications. Custom Belt Cleaning equipment and other custom tools can be designed and built for your unique requirements.
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N/A 2.5 Inch (in) Circular Nylon Brush
N/A 2.5 Inch (in) Circular Bronze Brush
N/A 2.5 Inch (in) Circular Stainless Steel Brush
N/A 2.5 Inch (in) Circular Pad Holder
N/A Scrubbing Pad
N/A 35 Inch (in) Pipe Cleaning Lance
N/A 35 Inch (in) Extension Lance
N/A Heat Resistant Glove
N/A Safety Glass
N/A 16 Inch (in) Curved Twister Lance
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