The Electro-Steam™ Eagle Series Brushless Conveyor Belt Cleaning System is fully customizable to fit your needs. It will clean and sanitize a wide range of conveyor belt sizes and materials. This system utilizes the dry steam vapor produced by the portable Eagle Series Steam Cleaner to blast the conveyor belt, breaking down accumulated debris and soil while sanitizing the belt it as it passes through the cleaning head. Simultaneously, a powerful vacuum removes the debris and dries the surface leaving your belt(s) clean, sanitized and ready for the next production run.”
Unit of Measure


For use with one or more of the following items:

N/A EAG00186, 10 Feet (ft) Mechanical Hose
, 10 Feet (ft) Mechanical Hose
EAG00187, 20 Feet (ft) Mechanical Hose
, 20 Feet (ft) Mechanical Hose
EAG00187, 20 Feet (ft) Mechanical Hose
, 33 Feet (ft) Mechanical Hose
EAG00236, Nilfisk 19 Gallon (gal) Vacuum
, Nilfisk 19 Gallon (gal) Vacuum

Portable Belt Cleaners

N/A EAG00167 - 12” Spinner Assembly with 32” Handle (View 1)
, 12 Inch (in) Spinner Assembly with 32 Inch (in) Handle
EAG00168 - 8” Spinner Assembly with 8” Handle (View 1)
, 8 Inch (in) Spinner Assembly with 8 Inch (in) Handle
EAG00181, 6 Inch (in) Circular Drain Tool
, 6 Inch (in) Circular Drain Tool